Up For Anywhere
Short - Snarler AT6 S
Long - Snarler AT6 L
Dynamic Power
Untamed Beast
Tensive O&R
White + Red
Dream Green
Black + Green
Smart Blue
Black + Blue
Short - Snarler AT6 S
Short - Snarler AT6 L
Dynamic Power
Untamed Beast
Tensive O&R
White + Red
Dream Green
Black + Green
Smart Blue
Black + Blue
Завантажити мануал
720° View
Controlled Tension
It is an untamed mechanical beast. Eyes look like torch, heroic body, imposing lines. simple overall visual style, contrast color frame design, create a unique Controlled Tension aesthetics.
Flaming LED Eyes
Segway’s LED headlight aesthetics is bold, confident and radically different. It is an untamed mechanical beast in the dark forest.
Clean and Robust Bodywork
Broad shoulders, sweeping hood and the sleek curvature create a modern and aerodynamic stance.
Pouncing Gesture
Sleek and flowing lines extend upward from the front to the back. Characterized by flowing surfaces. The combination and continuity of which creates what we call controlled tension.
The Snarl of ATVs FIRST-EVER Hybrid Powertrain
Snarler features the First Hybrid powertrain in the Powersports industry produces unbeatable power-to-weight ratio & delivers lightning-fast acceleration. Snarler can switch between REEV and EV mode.
85HP Hybrid Powertrain
The self-developed 3 in 1 Controller, equipped with our 570CC liquid cooled, 4-stroke, 8 valve, DOHC,delivers maximum electric motor power at 85 HP and 140N·m of instantaneous torque. Snarler can switch between HEV and EV mode.
Hybrid EV (HEV) Mode
When the vehicle starts, the motor and engine output power at the same time. When the vehicle speed reaches or exceeds 30km/h, only the engine outputs power. When the throttle opening is greater than 65%, regardless of the vehicle speed, both the engine and the motor will output power at the same time, which is a four-wheel drive mode.
Pure EV Mode
EV Mode solves the noise problem associated with Powersports recreation. It can only work when the battery power is higher than 30%. Otherwise, Engine will automatically resume.
Triple Cooling Systems
Snarler features an Independent cooling system for both the engine and electric drive motor. Our double oil column piston cooling system and water oil heat exchange system provides the highest cooling performance whether you hit the trail in Death Valley or the beaches of Baja.
  • 85HP Hybrid Powertrain
  • Hybrid EV (HEV) Mode
  • Pure EV Mode
  • Triple Cooling Systems
Smart Moving & Smart Fun
You can access the real-time data of your vehicle through Smart Commanding System(SCS) . The intelligent interaction with your vehicle leads you to epic places to ride!
When you get close to Snarler, you can activate your vehicle by Bluetooth through your mobile phone(AirLock). You can also use the APP(cellular data) to unlock the car remotely with your mobile phone as the key.
Driving Settings
Get the EPS Settings on your phone. Customize your Powersports for a personal fit, so you can enjoy the drive!
Security Gurantee
Add SOS emergency contact person. In case of serious collision/roll, the APP will automatically send SMS with location to the emergency contact person.
Wireless Team Up
Team up with friends. The offline map, wireless location, wireless phone help you explore everytime you ride.
Real-Time Data
Vehicle data view: residual mileage, real-time torque, horse power, EPS mode, subtotal mileage, speed curve, etc.
  • AirLock
  • Driving Settings
  • Security Gurantee
  • Wireless Team Up
  • Real-Time Data
570CC DOHC Engine, 41HP Electric Motor
48 N·m Torque
Engine 48N.m+Electric Moto92N.m
210 mmRear Travel
210mm Rear Suspension Travel 180mm Front Suspension Travel
180 mmFront Travel
Front Travel:7" (18cm)
  • Powertrain&Drivetrain
    • Powertrain
    • Engine/Motor Type
      570cc, 4-Stroke Single-Cylinder,DOHC Engine + PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
    • Horsepower
      85 hp
    • Torque
      140 N.m
    • Drive System
      On-Demand 2WD / 4WD
    • Front & Rear Axle
      Rear Diff-Lock (Optional)
    • Engine Braking System
  • Suspension System
    • Shocks
      Gas Shock / Oil Shock (Optional)
    • Front Suspension&Travel
      Dual A-Arm; Front Travel:7" (18cm)
    • Rear Suspension&Travel
      Dual A-Arm; Rear Travel: 8.3" (21cm)
  • Wheels & Tires
    • Wheels
      12" Steel Rim/ 14" Aluminum Rim or with Beadlock(Optional)
    • Front Tires
      Front Tires 25x8-12 / 26x8-14 (Optional)
    • Rear Tires
      Rear Tires 25 x 10-12 / 26x10-14 (Optional)
    • Rear Tires
      Rear Tires 25 x 10-12 / 26x10-14 (Optional)
  • Smart Moving System
    • Smart Commanding System(DTU+SDC)
    • Dashboard
      Digital Dashboard
    • Smart Touch Screen
    • Smart-Moving App
  • Ovarall Dimensions
    • Vehicle Size(Length/Width/Height)
      90.5'' x 49.2'' x 60.6"
    • Ground Clearance
    • Seat Height
    • Wheelbase
    • Dry Weight
      1012 lb
    • Fuel Capacity
    • Front/Rear Rack Capacity
      Front:44lb (20kg) / Rear: 88lb (40kg)
    • Bed Box Capacity
    • Payload Capacity
      429 lb
    • Towing Capability
      726 lb
  • Other Features
    • Smart Moving APP
    • Smart Electronic Power Steering(EPS)
      Smart Control EPS: Standard / Comfort / Sport three modes
    • Frame
      High-strength chromium-molybdenum steel frame
    • Lights
      Halogen / LED (Optional)
    • 绞盘
    • Colors
      Tensive O&R & Electric White Smart Blue & Innovative Grey Dream Green & Bold Black, Prairie Camo
    • Seats
      2 Seats