Up For Anywhere
Unbeatable Power
Best Reliable Work Assistant
Tensive O&R
Dream Green
Bold Black
Unbeatable Power
Best Reliable Work Assistant
Tensive O&R
Dream Green
Bold Black
720° View
Controlled Tension
Sleek and flowing lines extend upward from the front to the back. Characterized by flowing surfaces. The sharp body lines are wrapped with dazzling orange & red steel frames. They are elegant and but aggressive. The combination and continuity creates what we call controlled tension.
Apex Predator Face
With a piercing stare, pointed ears, a curled lip, and glaring teeth, Villain's presence is intimidating. With strong facial features complemented by meticulous attention to detail, we are focused and intentional, while exuding aggression. Making us the apex predator.
The Pounce Stance
The pounce is represented through the pointed shoulders, dipped nose and arched back. This is most prominent from the side profile.
Exposed Engineering
We show our muscles with pride, we confidently reveal their intrinsic weaving throughout the body. We are built for all-terrain and whatever punches are thrown our way you won’t see us flinch. We see beauty in our engineering and want it known that we are built to last.
Simple Interior Design
We know our vehicles can pack a punch and we not only expose our engineering but we celebrate it through color and simple yet beautiful interior parts.
Optimal Powertrain Tech Design
The 1000CC engine features an advanced fuel injection and ignition system along with a carefully optimized long duration, high lift camshaft that ensures excellent adaptability to high and low temperatures and provides excellent power even at very high altitudes.
Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling System
By utilizing a Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling system our 1000cc engine will remain cool under the harshest of riding conditions and ensures long term mechanical durability.
Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System
Water and oil heat exchanger cooling system improves the reliability of power output under tough off-road conditions.
Powerful Configuration, Extraordinary Performance
Snarler features exceptional quality and performance. The mix of our powerful and reliable engine, high strength frame, rigid chassis and professional level fully adjustable gas shocks give you the confidence to challenge even the toughest of terrain.
Smart EPS Burst Out Your Passion
The EPS can be switched on-the-fly to one of three settings. With standard, comfort and sport settings selectable through our APP the ride is customizable for different drivers, terrain and road conditions.
Ranger Entender Composed of 1000cc DOHC Engine and Generator
93.5 N·m Torque
Peak Power of The Electric Motor
280 mm Dual-A Arm
Front Independent Suspension Travel
270 mm Multi-link Trailing-Arm
Rear Suspension Travel
  • Powertrain / Drivetrain
    • Engine/Motor Type
      1000cc, 4-Stroke Twin-Cylinder,DOHC Engine      
    • Horsepower
      105 hp
    • Torque
      93.5 N.m   
    • Drive System
      2WD / 4WD      
    • Front Axle
    • Powertrain
      Fuel Engine      
  • Suspension System
    • Rear Suspension / Travel
      Dual A-Arm; Rear Travel:10.6" (27cm)      
    • Front Suspension / Travel
      Dual A-Arm; Front Travel: 11" (28cm)     
  • Wheels & Tires
    • Tires
      Front Tires 27 x 9-14 Rear Tires 27 x 11-14      
    • Wheels
      Aluminum with Beadlock      
  • Smart Moving System
    • Smart-Moving App
    • Smart Touch Screen
    • Dashboard
      TFT Screen      
    • Smart Commanding System(DTU+SDC)
  • Overall Dimensions
    • Towing Capability
      1543 lb (700kg)      
    • Payload Capacity
      1499 lb (680 kg)      
    • Bed Box Capacity
      1000 lb (450 kg)     
    • Fuel Capacity
      12 gal (45 L)     
    • Dry Weight
      1720 lb (780 kg)      
    • Wheelbase
      82.1" (208.5 cm)     
    • Ground Clearance
      12.6" (32 cm)     
    • Vehicle Size(Length/Width/Height)
      307.5 x 162.5 x 206.5 cm      
  • Other Features
    • Seats
    • Lights
    • Cooling System
      Duel Oil Column Piston Cooling System + Liquid & Oil Heat Exchange Cooling System      
    • Frame
      High-strength alloy steel frame
    • Smart Electronic Power Steering(EPS)
      Three Models: Standard / Comfort / Sport